Tax Preparation Services

Your tax return is an extremely important filing and should be done correctly & in confidence. Our trusted staff of experts take pride in every tax return that we prepare. We will take the time to explain the return to you, answer any questions that you might have, and help you plan for any tax consequences in the future.

Sylvia A. Ehrenreich CPA offers complete tax services for all of your needs:

  • Payroll Return Preparation – Quarterly and Annual (940/941)
  • Sales Tax Returns
  • Partnerships, Corporate, Non-Profit and LLC Tax Returns
  • Self-Employed, Sole Proprietor Tax Returns – Including all appropriate tax schedules.
  • Individual & Estate Tax Returns – For individual taxpayers who need professional assistance to decipher and comply with the complicated and ever-changing tax code, our individual tax preparation services are invaluable.


Every state return can be prepared and filed by us.

Free electronic filing for all federal and state returns if your state accepts e-filing.

Confused on filing status and which is best for you?
Who can you use as a dependant?
Are there tax credits that you can take advantage of?

These and many other questions can be answered by our staff.

Multi-year filings are also available if you are delinquent on past years. It is very important that you stay current on filing, and we will work with you on this.



Tax Planning Services

The first typical tax service for a new client is tax preparation of the previous year's federal and state tax returns, but our services do not stop there.

Sylvia A. Ehrenreich CPA also offers calculated projections of tax withholding and estimated taxes, to ensure our clients are paying the proper amount of taxes to the IRS throughout the year to avoid penalties and interest for underpayment, but also to ensure our clients are not paying in too much and giving the IRS an interest-free loan over the course of the tax year.


    • PLANNING THE MOST TAX-EFFICIENT WAYS TO SAVE FOR RETIREMENT, COLLEGE AND OTHER OBJECTIVES to ensure you take maximum advantage of tax exclusions and DEDUCTIONS created by Congress to encourage taxpayers to save for the future.

    EXPENSE DEDUCTION PLANNING to time or structure deductible expenses to obtain the greatest tax advantages permitted by law.

INCOME PLANNING to time recognition of income where possible to subject that income to the lowest available tax rates.

After the tax filing season, we also offer all clients additional professional income tax planning services to emphasize a proactive approach to managing future savings, deductions, exemptions, tax preferences and income recognition. A professional tax plan puts the taxpayer, not the IRS, in control.


Should a client's return be selected by the IRS for examination, we also offer additional representation services to advocate for the client before the IRS. An authorized representative can even appear instead of the taxpayer at IRS audits and hearings.



Complete Your Tax Organizer Online!

Our Online Interactive Tax Organizer represents a revolutionary change in how we can collect your informatiomn and prepare your tax returns.

You can fill in the online organizer from any location. Security of your data is our number 1 priority. All the data hosted on our servers are protected by Firewall, Virus Software and are continually backed up on several secure servers and protected using the highest web based security so that unauthorized parties cannot interpret sensitive, confidential or personal information.

CLICK HERE TO PRINT OR COMPLETE YOUR ORGANIZER (You may still print out the organizer and mail it into the office, if your desire.)

We Can Help Your Business Grow

NOW Offerring a full line of Business Planning & Marketing Services

Our newly added Business & Marketing Services will insure growth and expansion for our clients entities. We now bring to the table over 25 years of both traditional and internet marketing experience. Our niche is with small businesses and we understand that your budget isn't endless. We can guide you in directions that will bring the biggest rewards for your investment.


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